Excelsior Music Pillow - Contour

AED 295.00 
Excelsior music pillow is an Air Visco™ pillow with build in HDSS® speaker which can be conveniently connect to MP3/CD/DVD player, iPod, mobile phone by using a 3.5mm stereo plug. Air Visco™ open pore material that allows air to circulate freely, and it is a non-temperature sensitive material which absorbs body heat to contour itself to the exact shape of the head and neck, providing a perfect distribution of pressure point and the ideal support ensure correct posture. Air Visco™ is naturally hypo-allergenic, pillow comes with build in HDSS® High Definition Sound Standard 3 dimension sound speaker which provides high quality sound effect.
  • Dimensions
    cm x
    cm x
  • Weight
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