Delivering premium-quality sleep since 2005

👋 Hi, welcome to Bafte. We want you to sleep better.

Founded in 2005, Bafte was born as the region’s first-ever ‘sleep store’ – where we encouraged customers to trial our mattresses before they made a purchase. Fast-forward till today, we boast a myriad of mattresses that fit every sleep style, every taste, and most importantly – every budget.

We strive to solve the answers to your sleep problems – we’re here to listen, take notes, and find functional solutions to all your bedtime woes. We embark on a tailored service with each client – sitting down with you to discuss your every mattress need and recommending the best products that result in you having the dreamiest, deepest sleep to date.

Our premium quality mattresses are the result of industry leadership and expert craftsmanship. From thoughtful details to our award-winning customer service, we truly believe that Bafte offers an all-rounded experience when it comes to purschasing (and investing in) a new mattress. We aim to fuel you with knowledge and give you a peace of mind knowing you're making a confident, informed purchase.

In short – you should never have to compromise on great sleep. It doesn’t just make you more productive, but it’s vital for your mental and physical health. Health is wealth. Your sleep matters. It matters to us – and to you.

Discover the Bafte difference.

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