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When it comes to sleeping, few things are as essential as pillows. While historically a sleeping accessory reserved for the rich in the olden times, pillows have become more commonplace nowadays. And there is no shortage of variations to choose from - from the neck pillow to the body pillow. It is all a matter of finding the one variant that agrees to your individual sense of comfort.

For those looking for first-class duvet products and pillows, Dubai and Abu Dhabi host one of the most renowned and established sleep accessory providers in the region today - Bafte, The Sleep Store.

The widest collection of deluxe pillows Dubai and Abu Dhabi have ever seen

Bafte offers an assortment of pillow products to meet the unique comforts and preferences of the international market in Dubai and the UAE. We have a select collection of medical pillow options for those who need specialised variants for their neck and spine problems.

According to health experts, sufficient neck support is necessary for alleviating spinal disorders. This is because the human spine is naturally curved, and providing proper support to the neck while one is in the sleeping position allows the neck to maintain proper alignment throughout one's sleep. Bafte has contour foam pillow variants that intelligently follow the contour of the head and neck.

On the other hand, if you are a frequent traveller, a specialised neck pillow would be more to your liking, as it allows for a comfortable sleeping position for the neck, even while you are sitting upright on the plane or the train. Bafte's pillow products are sourced from some of the leading sleep accessory manufacturers in the world today, including the following:
  • Cool Magic Geltech
  • Premium
  • Air Active
  • Comfort
  • Sensation
  • Air Visco
  • Visco Medico
In addition, Befte also offers duvet products you can partner with your pillows. The duvet products on offer are made of high quality materials that help enhance comfort throughout your sleep.

Choose the perfect pillow and enjoy the most peaceful sleep ever

Start enjoying your journey to wonderland by browsing the Bafte product range today. And if you have any questions about any pillows or duvet products, please do not hesitate to let us know!

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