Box Spring Foam Mattress (Box Spring)

Box Spring for Foam Mattress

Looking for durable box springs for a mattress? Bafte, The Sleep Store, is a complete provider of high-quality mattresses and bed accessories in UAE and India. The company offers a wide range of box springs for different types and brands of mattresses.

Durable and versatile spring box for mattresses and beds

Box-springs provide a sturdy foundation for the bed, particularly if it is supported by a metal frame. The box-spring can elevate the height of the mattress to make it easier for the user to get in and out of bed. A spring box is also able to resist or absorb the shock applied to the mattress, and help prevent wear-and-tear.

At Bafte, customers can find a high-quality spring box for mattresses of any size, type, and brand. Bafte sources its springboxes from the most trusted local and international suppliers today, ensuring the superior quality and durability of its product offerings. Whether you need a box spring for foam mattress made by Springwall or Spring Air, you can find it at Bafte’s extensive product line of box-springs.

If you need the advice of an expert on which type of box spring to get, Bafte’s professional staff can help you. They have the experience and training to help customers identify the most suitable springbox for their beds.

Easy access to first-rate quality spring boxes

Since founding its first branch in Abu Dhabi in 2005, Bafte has expanded its operations across the country. Now, it has a branch each in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaima. These central branches are located along main roads in the cities, giving customers easy access to Bafte’s world-class mattresses and bed accessories. The company also provides timely and reliable delivery services throughout the country.

If you need a high-quality mattress that can last for years, or bed accessories to go with it, then Bafte can help you. For more than 11 years, Bafte has helped people enjoy a good sleep every night and experience a better quality of life.

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