Waterproof mattress protector: Dubai sleeper's bed investment shield

When you purchase a new, soft, luxurious mattress for your bed, you want to enjoy it as much as you can. Sometimes that may mean playing pillow fights and making pillow forts on your bed with your kids before you sleep at night, and other times it may mean having a peaceful, intimate, and relaxing breakfast with your significant other in the morning.

Make sure you enjoy the consistent comfort and quality of your newly purchased mattress for a long time with the help of a waterproof mattress protector. Dubai is home to one of the leading retailers of first-class mattress protectors today - Bafte, The Sleep Store.

Ensuring longevity of material quality through advanced waterproof technology

Bafte offers international quality mattress and pillow protectors that are designed to repel liquids and prevent stains from seeping and settling in your valued sleep products. Made of highly advanced material, these waterproof covers are designed to allow air to flow through, while preventing liquids from penetrating the surface. The material is naturally thermo-regulating, which means you can enjoy just the right sleeping temperature, no matter the time of the year.

Over time, dust and microscopic pests may inhabit your mattress and pillows, which can trigger allergies among kids and adults alike. With a waterproof protector, one can prevent the onset of allergic reactions by protecting their sleep accessories from dust and other allergens.

Because the material is made of organic Eucalyptus fibre, customers can rest easy knowing it does not contain any dangerous chemicals. And if you are worried about not being able to enjoy the luxury of your sleeping accessories, you can rest easy knowing that these waterproof protector products do not impede sensation and comfort whatsoever.

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