Luxurious bed headboards at the premier sleep store in Dubai

In the old days, having a headboard was essential to having a good night's sleep. It provided protection from cold drafts and winds, and prevented the cold air from descending on to the bed. Nowadays, a headboard is not necessary for these purposes, as buildings have developed better insulation against the cold. More often than not, bed headboards are now fitted on to fixed and adjustable beds for aesthetic purposes. However, that does not mean headboards are no longer worthy additions to bedrooms. For those looking for an elegant headboard, Dubai customers have Bafte, The Sleep Store - the premier source of mattresses, sleep systems, and bed products in the UAE today.

A hand-picked collection of luxurious and stylish headboards in Dubai

Having a headboard is a sign of luxury. As such, Bafte only chooses to carry headboard variants that can serve as the centrepiece of your bedroom. The Sleep Store hosts a selection of stylish tufted headboards that offer luxury, comfort, and elegance. Decked with tufted cushions that feature subtle yet superb detailing, you can easily infuse a Victorian feel to your bedroom with their addition.

Looking for something a bid modern? Bafte has wooden variants as well. Made from select natural woods and finished with beautiful coating, any choice would make for a delightfully tasteful addition to your bed.

All headboard products are intelligently designed for easy assembly, so you can assemble and disassemble it with relative ease.

Every order promptly delivered to your home in Dubai, without any hassle

When an order is placed for a headboard, Dubai customers can expect Bafte to immediately queue the product for delivery. In addition, our professional field personnel will ensure your order is secured for transport to prevent damage during transit. Having provided products to tens of thousands of customers for 11 years, you can be confident Bafte will deliver according to your expectations and more.

Beautify your bedroom today

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